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Does my hair have to be a certain length for SKW extensions?

That depends on the length you desire to wear. Women with short hair (right above their shoulders) can wear SKW extensions in 14 or 16 inches .The extensions can be installed for volume instead of length.

If the clients’ hair is at the shoulder and below the length can extend past 16 inches, up to 18,20,22,24 inches.


Is this method medically approved?

Yes! This is the only method created by a medical provider. 


What if I’m allergic to metal beads?

The SKW 2.0 method does not use metal beads. Sarah created a plastic product (SKW slider) to replace the bead to prevent any harm to the client. This is still a threaded track.


If I’ve had trouble in the past such as stress spots or traction alopecia can I still wear SKW?

YES. Both SKW methods were designed to significantly lessen the chances of that occurring.


Are the extensions custom colored to match the clients hair?

Yes. I will custom color the extensions for a seamless blend.


How do I know how many rows to install?

We will do a thorough consultation and I will make a recommendation based upon your starting point and desired goal.


How long does the hair last?

The hair will typically last 6-9 months if the client uses only professional products that I recommend. 


Is it difficult to style the extensions?

No. The hair can be styled just like your natural hair. The extensions hold curl for several days so it actually cuts down on styling time.


How often is a move up appointment?

Move ups are at the 6-8 week mark but nothing longer as that can cause damage to your natural hair.


Do I need to use professional products?

ABSOLUTELY. The hair needs special care to ensure the longevity and quality of the extensions. Shampoo must be sulfate free. A conditioner and leave in treatment or detangler is also a must. Avoid oils on the extension hair. Styling products are permitted but less is more in this case.


Are there any products I must avoid on the hair?

Yes. Sunscreen. This will turn blonde hair a peach or pink hue and is usually impossible to remove. Always wear the hair up for fun in the sun! It is best to wet the extensions and apply conditioner before swimming.


How much do the extensions cost?

This depends on the clients’ goal and during your consultation we will discuss and determine a price point. 

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